The Submission

Hometown: Deal, near Dover in Kent, UK.

Genre: Punk rock

FFO: The Clash, Rancid, Stiff Little Fingers 


Richard Harris – Vocals/Guitar
Cliff Williams – Organ
Sadie Williams- Bass/Vocals
Bernie Watts – Drums 

If you ever wanted solid evidence that punk rock can still be compelling, energetic and downright life-affirming whilst at the same time avoiding being hackneyed, clichéd and offensively bad, The Submission would be an excellent case for the defence. Originally formed in 2005 to play a single show, the lineup has since shifted so many times that pretty much anyone living in the area with a passing interest in punk and/or the ability to play an instrument has featured in the lineup at some stage. Only Richard Harris remains from the original lineup, but his furiously energetic delivary and character as a frontman remains a trademark of the band. Sadie Williams joined in 2009 and has become another vital component, growing to become one of the best bassists in the entire UK underground scene. Recent further lineup shuffles and interpersonal conflicts has stalled their progress, but now with new members Bernie Watts on drums and Cliff Williams (Sadie’s father) adding an entirely new dimension to the band on Hammond organ, they are tentatively back touring and muttering about a new record. For now, they already have a string of EPs and a 22-song mixtape under their belts, all of them demonstrating just how to write belting punk tunes. Highly recommended listening.


Tonight (E.P.) – January 2009
Spaghetti Penis (E.P.) – July 2009
Enjoy With Alcohol – September 2009
No Man’s Land (E.P) – January 2010
Untitled 2nd Album – Late 2011/Early 2012

Featured Articles:

08/08/09 – Opening for Jaya the Cat at the Ska-Punk All Dayer in Gravesend

23/08/09 – Spaghetti Penis E.P. review

23/10/10 – Headlining show at The Railway Pub, Deal

06/08/11 – Headlining/Comeback show at The Telegraph Pub, Deal


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