My Third Leg

Hometown: Gravesend, Kent, UK.

Genre: Ska/punk

FFO: Sublime, Jaya The Cat, Mouthwash 


Will Woodrow – Vocals/Guitar
Michael Smith – Guitar
Dave Ja Vu – Bass/Vocals
Paul Smith – Drums 

A perfect example of what happens when four blokes decide, for a laugh, to form a ska-punk band to play shows that they’v visited as fans for many years, My Third Leg (or M3L for short) formed in late 2009 after previous attempts at bands petered out (anyone remember the Constant Gs?). Being the owners of a ska-punk promotions company is rather useful when starting a ska-punk band of your own, and with brothers Paul and Mike Smith having set up LSP, it was perhaps inevitable that M3L’s first run of shows came as the opening band at LSP gigs at the Red Lion in Gravesend. The band became known for their light-hearted approach and relentless gigging schedule – who needs practice sessions when you’re averaging 2-3 gigs a week across several months? What this also meant was that they swiftly rose to prominance as a tight, catchy little ska-punk band, capable of knocking off great tunes and consistently getting folks dancing wherever they went. They released the Fift EP in September 2010, and have since supported a whole host of awesome bands, including Random Hand, Tyrannosaurus Alan, [Spunge] and One Day Elliot. Their first full LP is due for release any week now – watch out for it, it’s gonna be a belter.


The Fift EP – September 2010
Untitled Album – September/October 2011

Featured Articles:

23/10/10 – The Fift E.P. review









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