News From The Front is a DIY-run fanzine blog reviewing gigs and albums from the world of punk rock, and it’s runty offspring: ska-punk, pop-punk, folk-punk, hardcore, etc.

The main focus will be on the multitude of underground and/or unsigned bands that play and gig around Kent and London. There are many of them, and this fanzine will bring attention to the best gigs and bands in the scene. Support them in any way you can, and keep alive the independant, DIY spirit, as well as help the above bands along the way.

Bigger, more familiar names are also on the roster, and I’ll be reviewing records and live shows by some of the big boys of the world of punk rock and more as well. Expect the odd left-field band, too – if it’s not particularly punk, but I like it, you might well find it here as well.

If you’re in a band and want your stuff reviewed, send tracks/recordings to adamjpunk@gmail.com. I’ll review ’em, and if I like ’em, I’ll play ’em in the regular Transmissions from the Front podcast. Any news on new releases, tours or anything else

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