Video: Random Hand – The Underworld, Camden 11/12/10

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Live Video
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In what was easily one of the gigs of the year, Random Hand shook the Underworld to it’s foundations with a blazing headlining set (one of many they’ve had there in the last few years) in December 2010. Topping a bill featuring the Skints, Dirty Revolution and Tyrannosaurus Alan, their hour-long set was recorded in a multi-camera setup for a mooted DVD release, but Bomber Music (the band’s label) have made the decision, due to the sound quality not being quite up to scratch, to simply post the set in it’s entirety on Youtube. So here it is folks, on video for the first time, starring – the first ever recorded ‘crawl of death’ at the Underworld, a successful figure-of-eight pit around the pillars, followed by partial nudity from frontman Robin Leitch, as well as plenty more amusing stage banter and of course, a batch of some of the best tunes from the UK underground.


Start The Fans
Play Some Ska
For Roni
Floating Ghosts
Three From Six
Devil’s Little Guenia Pig
Anger Management
Scum Triumphant

I, Human

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